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Tips For Selling Gold Jewelry And Where The Best Place To Sell Gold Jewelry

Knowing the best place to sell gold jewelry is needed when we are faced with many urgent needs, so we are forced to sell gold jewelry.

Tips Before Selling Gold Jewelry

There are a few tips before you sell your gold jewelry before you go to best place to sell gold jewelry.

Knowing in detail the physical form of your gold jewelry

Gold jewelry can be made into many shapes and adapted to the shape of your body or outside the body. Such as rings, brooches, rings, coins, necklaces, dental scrap, pins, earrings, buckles, pendants, braces, rings, watches, and much more. They all can be combined with various accessories such as diamonds or gemstones.


Knowing How much Karats of your gold jewelry

Karat is the purity level of the gold. Manufacturer of gold is usually make the gold in different karats and this will affect the price of each jewelry item. Various kinds of values in jewelry karats are 8 Karats, 9 Karats, 10 Karats, 14 Karats, 15 Karats, 18 Karats, 22 Karats and 24 Karats. You can calculate by yourself how percentage of gold jewelry karats. You can do with dividing by 24 karats of gold jewelry. So, if we find a cap .750 or 75% that means 0,750 x 24 karats = 18 Karats. Or it is same as 18 Karats / 24 Karats = 0.750 or 75%.

As another example, in the gold jewelry printed .585 or 58.5%, it is equal to 0,585 x 24 = 14 Karats. So the purity of your gold jewelry is 14 Karats.

Gold of 24 karats is usually stamped with the number 999, which means 99.9% and they are not labeled with 100%.


Knowing how much weight your gold jewelry

If you want to sell gold jewelry with accessories such as gemstone, you should be aware that the weight of accessories will not be counted. Only the weight of gold will be counted. When you buy gold jewelry usually you will receive a letter containing information about the weight of gold and the value of gold purity. This letter is very important when you want to sell your gold jewelry to know the weight of your gold jewelry accurately.

The other way, we can buy a tester to measure the weight of gold, but the price is quite expensive, it costs about $ 800. There is another way cheaper to measure the weight of gold. That is coming to a company who can measure weight of gold.


Knowing the current gold price

International gold price is usually use troy ounce unit. 1 tory ounce equals 31.1034768 Grams. The price of gold is constantly fluctuating, sometimes up or down. But the price of gold has a tendency to rise. You can see the current gold price from the internet.


The four points above is very important when you want to sell gold jewelry so you can calculate the current price of your gold jewelry before you sell it.

Many advertisements offer a purchase price of gold is higher than the others even though the reality is not like that. But this would be a good signal because we can compare which ones offer the highest price.

For example, you go to a jewelry store. Then you ask your gold jewelry to be assessed. If the price comes, you do not need to rush to sell gold to them, but you can go to another jewelry store and perform the same way.

Now you have 2 prices from 2 different jewelry shops in your list. Then you look for a reputable online gold buyer where they can be found on the Internet ads which serve the sales of gold jewelry (for example the ads at the bottom of this page). Take 2 prices from 2 different ads. Now you have 4 different prices. Choose one of them that most expensive and qualified.

Why Do We Believe In Reputable Online Gold Buyers?

Now you have the best place to sell gold jewelry. If you decide to sell your gold jewelry in a jewelry store, you can go and sell your gold jewelry to them. But if you decide to sell to online gold buyer in the internet maybe you are a little hesitant. Actually you do not need to doubt the reputable online gold buyer. There are several reasons.

  1. Each of the reputable online gold buyers competing to get customers.
  2. So, competition price and professionalism is at stake. Companies that offer high prices and keep the trust of the transaction it will get more customers.
  3. The low cost for online.
  4. Costs to be released by the company to open an offline store will be much larger than the store that opened an online store. So, the burden is covered by the price of each item of course much less. Of course the company will bid at high prices.

However you should be selective in choosing a reputable online gold buyer and note all the reviews in their website page. Choose one that is not fraud, offering a high price and credibility in the purchase of gold jewelry is no doubt.

But if you want to invest in gold jewelry you should choose a pawnshop. You can go to a pawn shop. Then you pawn your gold jewelry and you will get the cash loan. Save your cash loan. After a year or 2 years later you could pay off the loan and take back your gold jewelry. At that time gold prices much higher than at present. You will benefit from the difference in the price of gold. You can pawn back and do the same thing. So, pawnshops be the best place to sell gold jewelry for people who want to invest in gold jewelry.

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